Welcome to My Buddy’s

My Buddy’s is your home away from home. The kind of neighborhood place that makes problems seem smaller and life’s happiest moments seem so much sweeter. Whether it is hanging out after a hard day of work or unwinding on a weekend evening My Buddy’s will be there to welcome you time and time again.

“I’m going over to My Buddy’s. I’ll be back in a couple hours.” wink wink.

The Food

American Grill and Comfort Food with a Touch of Southern Hospitality is what we strive to deliver at My Buddy’s. Beyond that our guiding philosophy is to keep it Unique, Fun, Interactive & Awesome. Whether it’s our Signature Haystack, Relationship Wings, The Potato Tornado or something more extravagant like the Steak Stones or Table Side Smores we are sure you won’t be disappointed. For our vegetarian friends we proudly offer the Beyond Burger and even better every item on the menu is available Gluten Free.

The Decor

Soft glowing vintage bulbs guide you from room to room filled with the hand-crafted woodwork that is the skeleton of My Buddy’s. Each booth, table and bar top were made with our customers comfort in mind so kick back and enjoy everything we have to offer.

The Drinks

Ravenswood is overflowing with beer and we love every drop of it. There are so many amazingly talented local brewers in this neighborhood we are beaming with pride when we serve their wonderful creations. From Begyle and Half Acre to Dovetail and Spiteful ask anyone on staff and they will give you a litany of excellent beer pairings to wash down the Flavorful Southern fare.

Always Improving & Changing

One thing you can always expect from My Buddy’s is something new that you never notice before. We will be introducing and refining new menu items and beers not just seasonally or monthly but weekly and even daily. Chicago has a lot to offer and we plan to offer it all to you each time you come pay us a visit.